Why Community Health Workers (CHWs) are Keys to Stunting Prevention

There are approximately 1.5 million Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Indonesia, serving as the secret key to stunting prevention. Against this backdrop, 90% of CHWs have never received any formal training or much-needed tools to spread awareness regarding stunting prevention in their community.

One of the main approaches taken by 1000 Days to achieve its goal of improving the health services in Indonesia contributes toward stunting prevention includes capacity building for health workers on stunting-prevention efforts. 

Locally recruited community health workers (CHWs are trained on installing the smart charts and trained to provide nutrition counseling in-home growth monitoring, visit targeted households, and interact with the caregivers. 

More than 90% of CHWs are satisfied with the workshop/training provided, they understand the 3 key messages of stunting (what stunting is, why is it important, and how to prevent it), and are confident to train fellow CHWs. 75% of CHWs understand all 3 key messages of stunting, and 83% are confident to conduct home visits and counseling.

As of today, the stunting rate in 1000 Days Fund villages in Manggarai Barat Regency of Nusa Tenggara Timur has fallen by 10% consistently year-on-year. Not only have we seen impact and results, but because we now have trained and confident CHWs we believe the change is lasting.

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