It is about what you can do! Move now!

Do you know that stunting is an illness that will make someone stupid, short, and frequently sick? Do you know that stunting is caused by insufficient nutrient intake, poor hygiene, and frequent infection? Do you know that it is irreversible, but it can be prevented?

“It is a complicated task” or “it is a multisectoral problem”, that is an anwer you will hear from public health practitioners, stakeholders, and experts when you ask them a question “what do you think about eradicating stunting?”. Surely it is not an easy problem. And it will always be a complicated thing if we do not make it easier. Stunting indeed is a problem, but every problem surely can be solved.

Actually, we can simplify it, the key is not doing everything, but do what we can. Even just by giving an explanation of stunting to your soon-will-be-a-mom neighbor, sharing the post about stunting to your sister who just gave birth, or if you do not know how to spend your money you can always donate it to stunting program via benihbaik atau kitabisa site. If you really consent about reducing stunting, you can also join a volunteering program. 

In order to reduce stunting, 1000 days fund train cadres and health workers to increase their knowledge and confidence in giving health promotion about stunting to pregnant women and moms with children under 2 years old. 1000 days fund also provides them with smart chart and smart blanket as awareness tools which also stimulate in behavior change of moms in taking care their children. 

Imagine it as if we are together as crews of a boat who are going to one destination. Where the crews are government, organizations, health workers, academics, and community. They have to work together in order to reach the destination point. Every crew has their own role, but they have one destination. In this case, the destination is zero stunting.

What about you? In reducing stunting, what action will you take?

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