6-in-1 Intervention Packages

Bringing information into the home to prevent stunting
is possible with smart charts and smart blankets.

What Are Smart Charts & Smart Blankets?

A smart chart or blanket can provide vital information on a child's first 1000 days of life. Not only are they colorful tools for measuring, but they also serve as a 6-in-1 stunting prevention kit.

Smart charts and blankets highlight the importance of:

Iron and folic acid supplements.
Vitamin A supplements and de-worming
medicine for kids.
Exclusive breastfeeding.
A nutritious diet
Keeping up with routine immunizations.
The importance of sanitation and hygiene
Download Smart Charts
Please note that the smart chart is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for anthropometric tools at local health posts or community health centers. This metric should serve as a complementary, early detection and growth monitoring tool. Caregivers are encouraged to consult with health professionals and medical doctors to determine their babies’ health conditions.

A Gates Foundation-funded study found that arming parents with height charts slashed stunting prevalence among previously stunted children by 22%.


Where Are Our Smart Charts?

There will be a day when Indonesian children no longer
suffer the devastating effects of stunting.

Our mission is to end stunting by 2030. Your support counts.