Smart Chart Giveaway

Anywhere in Indonesia

We provide our toolkits to all integrated healthcare facilities (Posyandu) in Indonesia, including educational materials and certifications.

Stunting Knowledge Distribution

We make knowledge about stunting prevention accessible to more people in Indonesia.

A Life Free of Stunting is a Human Right

We provide frontline health workers and volunteers in Indonesia with a cost-effective stunting prevention tool that is easy to install.

Get 250 Smart Charts for Your Posyandu & Puskesmas

Be part of the stunting solution by educating Kaders and installing Smart Charts at home.

Process flow from registration to shipping

How to get 250 Smart Charts for your Posyandu
  • Contact Us

    Contact us via Whatsapp and search for the SCGA menu

  • Fill Out Form

    Follow the steps to fill out the form. Wait for our confirmation.

  • MoU Signing

    Once confirmed, your organization must sign an MoU.

  • Shipping

    We can arrange your shipment, or you can arrange it yourself.

  • Report

    Receive and install your Smart Charts, and report back to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the common questions about the Smart Chart Giveaway program

We have more than 250 beneficiaries, can we get more charts?

Absolutely. Once the first round of MoU is completed, you can request more Smart Charts.

Can we also get the blankets, cards, and/or flipcharts?

We are not currently giving away Smart Blankets.

When should I start installing and reporting updates to 1000 Days?

Once you receive the Smart Charts, you can install them immediately. Don’t forget to fill out the distribution form for Posyandu and the distribution forms for households. This will help you monitor the progress of installing smart posters and providing household-level education.

When should I monitor and take the required documentation (photo & video)?

Random monitoring should be carried out to provide documented results of activities. We require documentation of at least 25 installed Smart Charts, or 10% of the number of Smart Charts you receive, whichever is greater.

How long will shipping of my Smart Charts take?

Shipping usually takes 1 – 2  weeks from the signing of the MoU. As we are partnering with a third-party, unforeseen delays may occur. Should this happen, our team will inform you immediately.

Is shipping free?

Regular shipments through our partner are free. However, if need a faster delivery, you are welcome to arrange shipping at your own cost.


Smart Chart Giveaway Participants

Revolutionizing Indonesia's health systems starts with you.

One day, children in Indonesia will no longer have stunted growth.
You can take part. Get our Smart Charts!