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The online training enables Kader Posyandu everywhere in Indonesia to get certification.

Kader at the frontline

Mothers should be confident in the services provided by community
health workers.

Build the ecosystem

Constantly strengthen local health systems for the long term.

Get certify and be our stunting warriors!

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Easy-to-access online courses with Kader Academy

You can access the courses through our WhatsApp chatbot and watch our videos.
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Watch Our Kader Academy Videos

Get familiar with our educational videos on stunting prevention,
how to install smart charts, growth monitoring, and more.
#1 Emo-demo Baby Belly Size
#2 Stunting 101
#3 How to use stunting prevention tools
#4 Most common question on stunting

Meet our beloved Kaders

I have been a Kader for 10 years, I have never seen a tool like this poster. I can take it to the target's house to explain stunting using my language. I'm forgetful sometimes, but the pictures from the posters really help.

Frederica Kader in Siso, Timor Tengah Selatan.

Being a Kader is a very important job because although we do it voluntarily and without pay, we serve as fronts of knowledge and information for many pregnant women and young children.

Yesaya Asone Kader in Mauleum Village, Timor Tengah Selatan.

We needed something like this smart chart to help us give explanations about stunting to caregivers. People forget things easily, but with this smart chart as a reminder, it really helps us do our job to remind people the importance of health posts.

Merce Kader in Busalangga, Rote Ndao.

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Nothing feels more empowering than seeing a passionate, empowered local midwife, health workers and health volunteers