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What it Really Means to Fight Stunting "in the Field"

Earlier this year in February, the @1000_hari team went out to Labuan Bajo and the surrounding islands for a monitoring trip. On this trip, we learned that 2 children, both under 5, had recently passed away from diarrhea, one of which happened to be on my home-visit list. We’d met them and their parents a […]

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Generasi Emas Berawal Dari Posyandu

Satu dari tiga anak di Indonesia mengalami stunting.Kita bisa menyelamatkan tiga anak dari kerusakan otak permanen, mengatasi tujuh dari sepuluh kasus penyakit yang bisa dicegah, dan memutus siklus kemiskinan. Namun, ini tidak akan terwujud tanpa peningkatan kualitas posyandu yang berperan menjadi pusat perubahan. Angka stunting di Indonesia turun sebesar 7% dalam lima tahun terakhir, tetapi […]

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12 days on Komodo Island

Stuck in Singapore, I can’t wait to get back out to Flores. In 2019, I lived on Komodo Island for 12-days. Bidan Fifi’s homestay is awesome -- extremely clean, and her parents are exceptionally kind hosts. I also developed a newfound respect for people living on the island. It isn’t easy.  I taught most days at the […]

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Covid Is the Best Excuse to Use Your Birthday 4 Good

You can't go out. You can't gather in large groups. Selfies with friends just don't look the same when everyone is wearing a mask. So why not think hard about how you can use your birthday for good? For the price of sushi dinner with friends, you can change the life of a child in […]

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