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Peningkatan Gizi Kini, Peningkatan Ekonomi di Masa Depan

Suatu sore di pesisir pantai di daerah Labuan Bajo, nampak segerombolan anak tengah berlarian mengejar layang-layang yang putus. Sebuah momen yang nampak indah untuk diabadikan dalam sebuah montase jepret kilas berbingkai cahaya merah di ufuk barat. Tak jauh dari tempat itu, seorang anak lelaki bertubuh mungil tengah termenung di teras rumahnya. Sambil setengah melamun, anak […]

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It is about what you can do! Move now!

Do you know that stunting is an illness that will make someone stupid, short, and frequently sick?. Do you know that stunting is caused by insufficient nutrient intake, poor hygiene, and frequent infection?. Do you know that it is irreversible, but it can be prevented? “It is a complicated task” or “it is a multisectoral […]

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Sympathy vs. Empathy in stunting prevention : A personal perspective

When I first applied for a position with the 1000 Days Fund, I, along with other applicants, were asked to complete a writing exercise as a part of the recruitment process. I suppose this was a way to get us into the right headspace and to evoke feelings for other people (at least this is […]

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Health Intervention is not a Big Thing

I used to think that public health means bringing equal health facilities to the direst part of Indonesia, bringing all health work forces with advanced medical technology in one place.  I was focusing on building a hospital when my good friend asked me to try a height chart. It was a simple height measurement tool […]

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Stunting Interventions Mean Going Beyond Panel Platitudes

"It's complicated" doesn't cut it. A lot of the conversations around stunting end with "it's complicated." Imagine if your daughter asked, "Hey mom, why is the sky blue?" and all you could say is "Sorry, kid. It's complicated." Or what if she asked, "Which has more power, love or fear?" Enough platitudes already, “it's complicated" […]

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A lot of the time innovation involves challenging the evidence.

This is insight picked up from Ravi Gurumurthy, and a webinar entitled, "Is Evidence-Informed Innovation an Oxymoron." A lot of NGOs claim to be evidence-based...they adopt interventions based on evidence. But as someone a lot smarter than me once said, "You can spend $500,000 on the evidence you think you need to prove the innovation […]

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